Guide to Proxy Server: What is the Proxy Server?

proxy server

Do you want to know what’s is the proxy server and Different type of proxies? Read our guide to proxy to know that and How to use a proxy your browser.

What is the Proxy Server

A proxy server is usually a server that resides between a client application and a web browser normally. Mainly the server translates all requests to the real server for the checking if it can meet the all the requests itself. Otherwise, it sends the request to the real server in case of failure.

In other words, the proxy server normally a dedicated computer or a software system which is running on a computer that works as midway between an endpoint device, such as a computer, and alternative or another server from which a user or client is applying a specific service. The proxy server can reside in a similar machine as a firewall server also. Sometimes it may exist on a different server, which sends the requests over the firewall.

It is considered as the best advantage for the proxy server that it’s cache can serve all the users together normally. In case of requesting in the same time for more than one Internet sites frequently that exist in the proxy’s cache, which will directly impact and develop user response time. A proxy can help to log its interactions also, which can be more beneficial for troubleshooting in some problem-solving factors.

Types of proxy servers

A proxy server normally resides on the one’s personal computer, or at numerous points between the user’s computer and terminal servers on the Internet.

A proxy server which normally exchanges unmodified requests or applications and basically responses is called a gateway or a tunneling proxy normally.

Forward proxy server

A forward proxy search and collect data from various website for the original request of user.

In other words, a forward proxy is used to collect or retrieve data from numerous sources because of being an Internet-facing proxy in most of the cases anywhere on the internet.

Reverse proxy server

A reverse proxy server is an internal-facing proxy server that typically resides behind the firewall in a private network. A reverse proxy normally leads client requests to the suitable backend server.

Reverse proxy server ensures a higher level of control and abstraction to develop the easy flow of network traffic servers and clients. Normally reverse proxy works the tasks such as load authentication, balancing, caching or decryption.

How to Setup a Proxy

Internet Explorer Proxy Settings

How to Setup a Proxy

  1. At first Click Tools (Follow Picture 1)
  2. Then choose Internet Options mentioned (Follow Picture 1)
  3. After than choose the Connections Tab (follow Picture 2)
  4. Then choose and click LAN settings (Follow Picture 2)
  5. Select and Check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box (Follow Picture 3)
  6. Now you need to type the IP Address of the Proxy Server and the associated Port Number you have (Follow Picture 3)
  7. Then click OK to finish the set up (Follow Picture 3)

FireFox Proxy Settings

  1. At first select and click the FireFox Button (see the button in the upper left corner of your browser)
  2. Choose and select Options
  3. Click Options in the new tab opened
  4. Choose and select the Advanced Tab
  5. Then Click Settings
  6. Select and Click Manual Proxy Settings
  7. In the HTTP Proxy Box enter the intended IP Address of the Proxy Server and the associated Port number you just want to add
  8. Click OK to finalize

Google Chrome Proxy Settings

  • At first choose and click the Customize and Control Button
  • Then select Under the Hood
  • After then Select Choose Change proxy settings
  • Then select and click LAN Settings
  • Now check the “Use a proxy server for your LAN” box
  • Enter the proxy server IP Address you want to enter and the associated Port Number
  • Click OK to finish

Safari Proxy Settings

  • Select Safari
  • Choose Preferences
  • Click Advanced
  • Click Change Settings
  • Select and Check the Web Proxy (HTTP) box
  • Enter the proxy server IP Address you want to enter and the associated Port Number
  • Click Apply Now


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